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My fav ways to get the adrenaline flowing

As something of an adrenaline junkie myself, I have to say that I absolutely love extreme sports. Nearly anything can get the adrenaline pumping in one’s bloodstream and the less extreme or dangerous situations one finds one’s self in the less it takes to stimulate the adrenaline.

Bungee jumping. No list of extreme sports would be complete without the classic of bungee jumping. Cultures in Papua New Guinea having been practising what could easily be considered the first ever form of bungee jumping as a rite of passage for hundreds or possibly even thousands of years. With the way diving into the ground with a rope attached makes one feel it’s easy to see what this was considered the way to enter adulthood.

Zip-lining. It might not be the most obvious example of an extreme sport, but sailing along a metal wire that spans a massive canyon or gorge is pretty exciting. The views are probably the best one will ever experience without skying diving (next on the list) and is a way this sport feels more like flying to me than skydiving as one isn’t actually falling but gliding along a beautiful mountain gorge. Also, it’s a good and quite safe extreme sport for beginners.

Skydiving. This is another classic on extreme sports lists. Falling from an aeroplane, hurdling to the ground at 9.8 meters per second squared—or terminal velocity, as it’s officially called and is the fastest anything on Earth can fall—has to be the most exciting way to get a rush. While bungee jumping produces similar sensations, I think that for me there is nothing more exciting than jumping from a plane. With over 20 jumps behind me it never gets old!

Scuba diving. While this sport isn’t as sudden or rapid as other sports like skydiving or bungee jumping it’s still one of the most impressive experiences one can have. More of a slow-burning fuse, to borrow a term, scuba diving’s appeal lies in the exotic nature of the locations. Few things on this planet are as other worldly as the underwater world and in my opinion it’s one of the best ways to be fascinated and tantalised without leaving the planet—something that as yet is not easily achievable.

If I were to claim that these four are the only ways, to get that adrenaline flowing I would be lying. For someone with social anxiety, for example, even a simple trip down to the supermarket can cause heart-thumbing and pulse-throbbing. But for what it’s worth these four have been the most exciting ways for me to have a thrilling time and for any first-timers out there they are most certainly not going to disappoint.


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