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Nature: the sporting person’s best choice

There are countless sports on offer. In this blog I’ve covered some of the more unusual ones, some of the most popular, and even those that are sport only by virtue of providing the body with a workout. It’s that last group that has to be my favourite, to be honest. While it’s true that I absolutely love anything from ice skating to American football to basketball, for me the definition of sport is something that stimulates the body. I enjoy watching sports and following the various tournaments, but the best is using my body in new and challenging ways. And for me there’s no better way to do that than in nature.

Personally, I see the body as a function of evolution. It sounds like a bit of an obvious statement to make but what I mean by that is I think that our natural habitat is nature. I don’t think that I would survive very long if someone put me in the middle of a forrest or savannah or tundra, but that’s where I feel most connected to the world and where I most enjoy doing sport.

On a recent trip to South Africa, I visited Kruger National Park. Rivalled only by Yellowstone in the United States in its fame, Kruger is a phenomenal place to visit and even though I try to avoid some of the more tourist activities when I travel, on my first visit to South Africa there was no way I was going to miss this one!

To be honest, during my two-week holiday one entire week was spent in Kruger National Park where I spent the entire time hiking (of course with experienced guides and park rangers). Hiking isn’t a competitive sport and therefore isn’t usually discussed much in the sporting world, but for me it’s probably the best. It’s most certainly not a good spectator sport, considering that it’s slow and that nothing actually happens, but one experiences nature at the speed that our ancestors would have experienced it thousands and thousands of years ago.

Somehow it’s that connection to nature through the body that for me makes hiking—and to broaden the scope a bit—any sport that takes place in nature the best choice.

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