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The Winter Olympics loom large

If you’re living in the northern hemisphere on this planet of ours that means it’s winter for you and that if you’re far enough north you’ll be bundling up to protect yourself against the snow and ice that are indicative of the season. If you’re from or residing in a country that usually gets a lot of that aforementioned snow and ice and perhaps has some mountains to boot and you’re a sports fan, chances are that you’ll be well-aware of the forthcoming Winter Olympic Games which are due to be held in PyeongChang, South Korea in the next few weeks.

Although the sport is something that is centre stage in the Olympics, as they are in all Olympic Games for that is their entire raison d’être (even though the first of the modern Olympics also contained some events that were throwbacks to the ancient Greek games such as poetry and painting—a strange thought for the modern mind no doubt), there is more at steak with these games than just the medals: amid rising political tensions between the United States and South Korea on the one side and North Korea on the other, it seems like that the isolated North Korean government will be allowing its athletes to join the games in an effort to defuse tensions on the Korean peninsula.

Politics aside however, there is much to look forward to with these games. The games include events such as skiing (Nordic skiing and the biathlon as well as alpine skiing which includes the disciplines downhill, slalom, super G, and giant slalom), bobsled, ice skating—both speed and figure skating of course—ice hockey and a slew of other events as well.

For people from the northern latitudes of the northern hemisphere, the Winter Olympics are sometimes considered to be the main event, so to speak, when compared with the Summer Olympics, making this a special time every four years. It’s with tremendous anticipation that the world awaits the Korean games. 

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