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Three of the best adventure holidays

For people like me, it’s almost impossible to sit still. I get anxious if I stay in one place for too long and that’s true when I’m reading a book on the sofa (and then the chair and then bed and then lying on the floor) or if I go more than a couple of months without getting on a plane or sleeping in a hotel. The more adventurous the travel, the happier I feel. To that end my holidays tend to be somewhat action-packed—at least by comparison to beach loungers! With that in mind, here are my top three adventure holidays.

Mt Everest Region, Nepal.. The Nepalese and Tibetan Himalaya are home to worlds’ highest mountains. As exotic and evocative of adventure as Mount Everest is, the base camp hike itself has become a bit of a tourist hotspot. While journeying to it feels remarkable—and it’s no small feat—most people in decent health should be capable of making the journey provided having enough time. The journey takes roughly a week on foot from Lukla, the highest point in the valley for one to safely land a plane and easily reachable from Kathmandu. With Buddhist temples and teahouses as accommodation en route, it’s a cultural adventure at least as much as a natural one.

Dasht-i-Lut, Iran. At 51 000 this desert the world’s 25th largest but it’s one of the driest and hottest places in the world. The highest recorded temperature ever— in western Iran, near the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan—was nearly 70 C, making it one of the hottest places on the entire planet, as far as our records are concerned. With such extreme conditions, not dying can be a challenge in this desert which means that the bit of land has remained uninfluenced by humans in any noticeable way for most of the world’s history.

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Climbing Kilimanjaro is a classic on the adventurer’s bucket list. The highest point in all Africa is no Sunday stroll, especially considering the possibility of brutal and sometimes fatal altitude sickness, but for a reasonably experienced hiker making the summit shouldn’t prove too challenging. Although it’s located inside Tanzania, the nearest city is Niarobi, Kenya and then make the journey overland into Tanzania. Beyond the hike itself one is given the opportunity to see some of the world’s most famous wildlife and rapidly disappearing wildlife.

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